The event “The Cap Adriano Experience by Minotti” takes places in Mallorca and Alessandro Minotti, managing director of the Italian firm, visits the island to present an interior design project carried out by the team of Terraza Balear, the exclusive authorized dealer of Minotti in the Balearic Islands since 2018.

Alessandro MinottiAlessandro Minotti represents the third generation to lead the family business that was founded in 1948 by his grandfather Alberto, an upholsterer, in the Italian town of Meda. The Minotti firm has just celebrated its 70th anniversary and is in the midst of a world expansion phase, having grown up over the past decades from artisan beginnings to become an industrial-sized producer. After the death of the Minotti founder in 1991, his sons Alberto, Renato and Roberto took up the reins, which in turn passed to his grandchildren, Susanna, Alessio and Alessandro, who are the helm today, facing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Minotti is currently present in 63 countries over the five continents and also has a network of 300 qualified distributors, which as of this year includes Terraza Balear in Mallorca.

What has caught your attention the most on your first visit to Mallorca?

Above all the holiday spirit that Mallorca oozes and the relaxed, friendly people here. I love the sea, it reminds me a little of Sardinia. Looking ahead, this will be a great place to return to with my family.

How would you describe your relationship with Terraza Balear, your authorised distributor on the islands?

It is essential to maintain fluid communication with Mariana Muñoz and her design team at Terraza Balear. After all, it is our authorised distributors that are in direct contact with the end-customers. There are so many different voices and inspirations in the market that it has become a necessity to understand what each individual customer wants. In Mallorca today there is an international, mostly European clientele, with a discerning lifestyle. Although I have been told that there are also some Americans here, including Michael Douglas. German customers who have big, luxury villas on the islands, to give an example, are drawn to the Minotti brand, because they understand that they live a different lifestyle here to the one they live back in Germany.

How do you manage to maintain the original essence seventy years on and three generations later?

Ever since I can remember there has been a lot of passion and dedication in the family business, because this is a purely vocational trade. Right from the start, the company chose to make products with extremely high standards in terms of quality and comfort, centred on the excellence and finesse of the “Made in Italy” concept. The world, people and travel are the inspiration. When you get home, you have to be capable of putting these influences into practice, just like my grandfather, father and uncle all did.

What are Minotti customers looking for?

When you step inside a client’s home, your work is entering a very intimate setting. It’s not the same as selling a mobile phone or a watch. Decoration is a business where, apart from listening, you have to emphasise with the customer and the type of concept to be developed. We all have our own style and identity, but the context that we create has to be capable of speaking several languages, depending on where we are. This is our brand’s strength, taking a very wide-ranging catalogue, capable of offering a contemporary sofa to a German client, or a more classical model, with different interchangeable finishes. Leather isn’t the same as cotton.

How has Minotti achieved such a global sales network?

The design has to be very international in order to expand the brand globally. Minotti is currently present in 65 countries with 36 company-owned flagship stores in New York, Miami and Los Angeles in the United States. We are also present in Europe, in London and Madrid and we are also opening in Asia in Tokyo, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur and another five points in China. World-travelled customers find a very solid brand in Minotti.

How can you adapt to a constantly changing world where everything seems to have been invented already?

We follow the market very closely when we travel. Over time we have come to realise that the world is constantly evolving. In the past decade we have worked with a type of clientele who travels extensively and is world-wise. We have a line called Classics today, classics tomorrow, which represents quality but also comfort. Fashion evolves but often takes its inspiration from the past.


What does the future hold for the family business that has become a global brand?

This year Minotti is celebrating its 70th anniversary and our desire is to embrace the future whilst maintaining our relevance, based on our solid experience. For the family to keep control of the firm, which permits us to develop the strategies we want. At a commercial level we would prefer to have few customers, but ones that are satisfied with our hard work. We currently produce predominately residential lines but in the future we will be expanding the hospitality projects we started back in 2014.

What do these projects consist of?

We wanted to move away from the cold atmosphere of traditional hotel lounges by offering a new, homely style. We take our inspiration from the boutique hotels that have warmer surroundings. International guests prefer these establishments because they are smaller and they feel more at home. We will also be focusing on the lifescape exterior concept that we started in 2013, drawing inspiration from our interior product ranges but producing them with exterior materials.

What are you taking away from Mallorca to inspire your work?

The island is all about neutral tones, with colours reminiscent of the land or sea, but also subdued enough to fit into our line. In fact I have seen for myself how the interior designers from Terraza Balear have managed to give our collection a Mediterranean air through their choice of materials and finishes, pairing the strength and precision of our collections with settings that not only transmit elegance, but also tranquillity and warmth. Spaces where the international community can find a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the lifestyle they seek on the island. At Minotti we always strive to create an international image, whether you are in Mallorca or Asia.

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