A hospital network geared up for the best patient service

In a survey that measures excellence based on the perceptions of the professionals working in the hospitals, the Instituto Coordenadas (Spanish Institute for Governance and Applied Economical Coordinates) has prepared its Hospital Excellence Index and for the second year running Clínica Rotger and Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas have been ranked the two top private healthcare centres in the Balearic Islands.

However, it is merely an orientative recognition, highlighting the good direction these centres are taking, because what really counts is the perception of the patients that attend the hospital centres every day for varying health reasons.

In recent years the integration project of these two historic hospitals has been taking shape and now patients can enjoy the benefits of all the hard work, which has been coordinated with numerous specialists and an assistance network with the best patient service resources. Among others, these projects include:

Myocardial Infarction and Stroke code system
A complex device for coordinated response that technologically requires advanced interventional radiology rooms and a team of multiple specialists to be on call 24/7/365. It has an immediate action protocol (stroke code system) for myocardial infarction and stroke, reducing reaction times and also reducing the after-effects that these cerebrovasuclar accidents can have on patients. Clínica Rotger and Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas are the first private healthcare centres in the Balearic Islands to introduce action protocols aligned with international standards.

Atrial Fibrillation Unit
Once again the coordinated work between specialists in the two hospital centres has resulted in the launch of a specialist unit for the treatment of arrhythmias, in advanced hemodynamic rooms using cryoablation and radiofrequency. These are the most advanced procedures that currently exist for treating auricular fibrillation associated with certain cases of sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Unified Clinical Analysis Laboratory
Another of the advancements to be introduced to the work equipment at the Quirónsalud Palmaplanas and Clínica Rotger hospitals. The creation of a unified laboratory that given the higher volume of samples processed, justifies the investment in technological innovation and training of new professionals. Ultimately it also streamlines the delivery of results to the patients.

Patient Access App
Thanks to the Quirónsalud technology, Clínica Rotger and Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas now provide a web portal, which can be accessed by patients from a mobile app, allowing them to request or cancel an appointment, consult their medical history and see the results of diagnostic tests. All available on the screen of a smartphone. It is a free service and accessible to all patients of the Quirónsalud hospitals.

This is just the start of a wide range of advantages for patients thanks to the coordination of specialists and the optimisation of resources that have been set into motion.

Excellence in the healthcare sector
From a treatment perspective, and in order to offer the best possible healthcare provision, the range of services offered at both centres has been expanded. In addition, the specialists comprising the medical team has also been enlarged, with the incorporation of noteworthy doctors covering specialist areas such as cardiac surgery, oncology, traumatology, gynaecology, dermatology and plastic surgery.

A further step in our healthcare provision excellence is medical technology, which has also been renovated to achieve improved, more precise diagnostics, and for the application of new and even more complex treatments. Finally, the surrounding areas and facilities have been refurbished to offer more comfortable spaces for patients both in the external consulting areas as well as on the hospital floors.

In all, a series of combined projects to maintain and constantly improve our excellence index and always be prepared for all the healthcare needs of residents and visitors to the Balearic Islands.


• For the second year running, the Hospital Excellence Index has ranked Clínica Rotger and Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas as the top private healthcare centres in the Balearic Islands.

• Clínica Rotger and Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas are the first private healthcare centres in the Balearic Islands to introduce action protocols aligned with international standards (stroke code system) for the treatment of Myocardial Infarction and Stroke, pathologies that shorten reaction time, resulting decisive for patient recovery.