Exquisite Spanish cuisine bursting with Mediterranean flavours. Excellent service and efficiency thanks to a team ready to assist you at any time of the day. A peaceful and relaxing ambience next to the sea. Flanigan, the restaurant par excellence in Puerto Portals and a culinary landmark in the Balearic Islands, is all of this and so much more.

The star attractions on the menu are the fresh fish and seafood straight from the fish market, the red meat and the seasonal vegetables. The aim is that all the ingredients are used and consumed at their finest moment. This meticulous treatment of the produce can be appreciated in the end result, in the flavours and textures of the food, in the pleasures of enjoying a good meal prepared by an expert chef and kitchen team at Flanigan. On the new menu you can savour a dish of potato, eggs and truffle carpachio, anchovy loins, prawn rice, oxtail and baked monkfish with baby squid pisto.
The wine selection continues its refined tradition after all a good meal isn’t excellent until it is paired with a glass of great wine!


The restaurant’s philosophy and know-how is also applied to all four branches of its catering line: weddings, yachts, events and groups. The Flanigan team will arrive on site perfectly coordinated to meticulously prepare and present all the dishes just the way they should be; in accordance with the restaurant’s high standards of excellence.
Flanigan boasts an expert banqueting manager, Alina Cannella, who has over 20 years wedding planning consultancy experience. She plans and oversees all the different catering areas, and is responsible for making the clients’ dreams come true.

She highlights the importance of the choice of venues and menus: “Working closely with the client, we research and make recommendations not only for the different dishes and beverages, but also for a selection of wedding venues they can chose from according to their needs and wishes. Places that I have personally assessed on their reliability.”

The banqueting manager points out that one of the greatest advantages of working with Flanigan is that “we offer a comprehensive consultancy service for flowers, decoration, music and photography.” Basically, Flanigan provides a complete wedding planning service free of charge to all its wedding catering clients. “I am passionate about helping couples to plan extraordinary events on the romantic and enchanting island of Mallorca, to help them express their personality and style by listening to their dreams and making them come true,” Alina concludes.

Flanigan’s range of catering options is completed by its service for yachts, with the option of guests having their meals prepared and served on-board, either at sea or in the port, with the same freshness as in the restaurant.Flanigan Catering, the perfect choice for your wedding or event. A guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

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