A special and timeless landscape

Sailing through the deep blue water, hiking along the solitary paths and even enjoying a kayak adventure. These are just some of the possibilities offered to you by Norway’s fjords.

Text: Anna Pifarré

When it comes to planning our holidays and choosing a destination, the first thing that comes to mind is sun, beach and heat. In this month’s edition of Premium we introduce you to the majestic scenery of Norway’s fjords. These breathtaking natural wonders that offer the chance of an unforgettable holiday are located mainly in the northern territory. Norway is one of the principles countries where these natural phenomena have occurred. Places such as Bergen, the Lofoten Islands, Trondhein or lake Ringedaisvatnet are just some of the places predominated by fjords, but what are they exactly?

World Heritage
The spectacular landscape of the Norwegian fjords has a long and interesting history. A fjord is a narrow inlet of the sea formed by submergence of a glaciated valley or is partially carved by the action of the glaciers. These phenomena occurred during the Ice Age and haven’t changed much since the first human settlements. Whoever visits Norway’s coasts can almost certainly access the mouth of a fjord or waterfall. Such is the magnitude of this characteristic scenery in the west of the country; it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The origin of the term is also interesting, its etymology. The word ‘fiordo’ is the Spanish translation of the Norwegian word ‘fjord’. In turn, this Norwegian word derives from another ancient Nordic word, which in its original sense, was used to designate bodies of water to lakes that could be used for sailing.

The Norwegian fjord territory is full of contrasts; from isolated paths to some of the countries biggest cities, such as Bergen. It is this great wealth of landscapes that makes the fjords so special, as well as the small communities that show visitors the local customs and products cultivated there, giving them their own unique identity.

Summer, the perfect season

After the long, cold winter, nature reaches the height of its splendour in summer, even in the Nordic lands. That’s why it is the ideal time to visit the fjords; the waterfalls are in full flow, the climate invites you to step outside and enjoy the good weather and most people have their holidays to look forward to. Sailing isn’t the only popular sport to enjoy in the fjords, there are many other activities waiting to be discovered in this marvellous environment. For example, hiking through the majestic mountains, crossing the fjords by kayak while admiring the distinctive deep blue colour of the water, or experiencing the cultural scene. There are also many great restaurants and festivals to visit in the region’s cities.

The summer holiday is the time of year for recharging batteries and gathering strength to face another year packed full of new experiences. The Norwegian fjords are the perfect destination for unwinding and forgetting about everyday routine, for taking a walk or sailing in the middle of natural tranquillity, or for soaking up the atmosphere of the big modern cities, with medieval roots.

A boat trip through the fjords
There are different ways to discover the fascinating Norwegian fjords. One of the most appealing is to travel along the impressive Norwegian coastline by ferry and immerse yourself in its history and nature. There are small passenger ferries available, such as the “Beffen” in Bergenor the “Sundbaten” in Kristiansund. Not all the boats take cars so it is important to check before booking your trip. The main lines operating these types of trips are: Fjord1; Norled; Rødne Fjord Cruise or Kolumbus. Whichever carrier you choose, they all guarantee you a unique and unforgettable journey in the stunning setting of Norway’s fjords.