Dr, Vice President of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME)

Although he has just celebrated the 30th anniversary of his private clinic, Alberto Morano has been practising medicine for almost 40 years. Originally from Alcudia, he completed his studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona in 1980. Dr Morano then went on to work for the Social Security in different municipalities on the Island and in Burgos, and later in 1988 after sitting a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine he opened his first clinic.

With a professional ethos that has shaped his career path, he is quick to highlight the two important branches of this profession that complement one another. One the one hand, cosmetic surgery based on plastic surgery, and on the other, cosmetic medicine, his speciality. We will recommend one type or the other based on a patient’s needs. The first is more aggressive and immediate, whereas the second is less invasive and more continuous.

“There is a growing concern for a healthy lifestyle, which is replacing the old ‘body beautiful’ phase”

It must be mentioned that there are critics of this field, that inevitably relate it to narcissism, vacuity and the whims of patients in search of perfect beauty and eternal youth. Alberto Morano, points out that there are uses and abuses of everything in this life. In his opinion, cosmetic medicine is based on maintaining health and well-being. To help make a man or woman feel happy about themselves, will undoubtedly affect their physical and physiological health, their social life and even their professional environment.

“Society requires us to look healthy in our social and working relationships. This is why we offer our patients an on-going service to help them take care of themselves, above all with correct nutrition, combined with physical exercise and anti-ageing treatments,” the doctor says.

Doctor Morano explains to us that aesthetic medicine has undergone a genuine revolution over the past three decades. “The main change has been the shift from using invasive and aggressive techniques, which often involved the patient having to take time off work, towards techniques that are much less invasive, or even non-invasive, and with almost no side effects. The equipment we use has improved and the increase in demand has even resulted in the lowering of prices for certain treatments. Laser has revolutionised most techniques. In fact we have a dozen of them in our clinic. This has permitted new patients to be able to access it for the first time.”

“This constant evolution of methods and equipment obliges us to keep constantly training and to be at the forefront of medical and technological innovation. Not just through courses, but also by attending numerous conferences where we can learn about and test the latest techniques. Dr Alberto Morano is currently the President of the Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Balearic Islands, and Vice President of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME). At the same time he combines his work leading the clinic with teaching, as he is also professor of the Aesthetic Medicine Masters programme at the University of the Balearic Islands.

Alberto Morano has a philosophical and highly ethical approach to his profession, “We base ourselves on prudence and naturalness. The way to beauty is through health and well-being. Medicine is used for regular care to monitor our health, maximise well-being and prevent external and internal sickness and ageing. On the one hand, the minimally invasive treatments allow us to prolong and maintain them, making the effects longer lasting. On the other hand, as the Dutch architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe stated, ‘Less is more’, meaning we always treat our patients’ problems from a minimalist point of view, maintaining the essential and addressing the ailments. I consider it a success if after one day of treatment no harsh changes are observed. Work well done requires time and persistence. And this goes for diets as well as facial rejuvenation. There’s no such thing as a miracle solution”.

Currently 30% of patients receiving cosmetic medicine treatments are men, when not so long ago it was scarcely 10%. Dr Morano attributes this to a growing concern for a healthy lifestyle, which is replacing the old ‘body beautiful’ phase. The most popular treatments for women are nutrition, dietetics, cellulite, localised fat, circulation (capillaries and veins) and facial rejuvenation.

For men, the most frequent treatments are: the removal of facial lines with botulinum toxins, body hair removal for young people and sportsmen, and treatments to keep a healthy-looking appearance.
As we already mentioned, Clínica Morano just celebrated its 30th anniversary at its premises in Calle Barón de Pinopar, where it has been located for a decade, providing treatment to thousands of patients over the years. The clinic boasts a large team of doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff, including Dr Morano’s recently incorporated daughter, Aina Morano, who intends to continue the project started by her father 30 years ago.