Elena and Beatriz Perelli have an impressive track record in the world of interior design. After years of working and learning from a diverse range of sector professionals such as Inditex, they have evolved and found themselves a niche among the greats with their own studio offering integrated projects. They both share tastes and affinities, a sensibility for exquisite aesthetics and a special passion for light. Together they have created their own brand – Estudio Aaprile. Mallorca Sotheby’s International Realty devoted its space “La Casa” (the home) to showcasing their latest projects.


When you first meet Elena and Beatriz it’s love at first sight as you fall deeply in love with each and every one of their projects. They work as a team in perfect harmony with each other. What is the secret of your success? To give priority to the client’s lifestyle, weaving each detail around their vital and emotional needs, the strengths of the environment and highlighting what is really important to each person, without imposing shapes, materials or brands on them. Some of their most recent projects include the new S’Era restaurant in Pula Golf Resort and a beautiful property in Ibiza, where these two magicians of interior design have created a genuine Ibizan farmhouse.

The key to their success was the refurbishment of the S’Era i Restaurant in Pula, which consisted of creating a style using natural components such as wood and floral decoration, incorporating natural light as a design element, highlighting traditional craftsmanship and artisan knowhow, with handmade artefacts and antique objects that transmit the sensation of something well-lived. Thanks to a beautiful collection of antique photographs displayed in the bar area, diners are transported to another era where they are given a rare insight into the host’s family history and can perceive the strength and roots of the place thanks to the previously unseen views of an ancient Talayot.

With the Ibizan farmhouse, the objective was to recapture the real essence of the Ibizan farmhouses of the 1940s and 1950s, where stone was the main feature. To provide a warm, modern touch, they chose floor to ceiling light that runs through the whole house and highlights the star feature – the walls. The traditional Ibizan farmhouse kitchen comes back to life through the stunning antique tiles. It is a typically Ibizan building that seeks beauty from its origins and brings it back into the present.

Undoubtedly Elena and Beatriz create for their clients the style of home we’d all like to live in, a place full of light and aesthetic beauty, which emanates a powerful serene energy you simply can’t help falling in love with, and one that obliges you to feel comfortable from the first instant. The same goes for Elena and Beatriz.

Estudio Aaprile: http://www.aaprile.com/

Mallorca Sotheby’s International Realty: + 971 721 000

Pula Golf: http://www.pulagolf.com/