ANTONIO FRAU SALAS. Director of Colegio Luis Vives.

What makes Colegio Luis Vives different?
We offer an educational project with 58 years of experience, aimed at teaching people values and preparing them for a full personal and professional life. We are a private centre that is secular, trilingual, urban, diverse, open to different mentalities, on the cutting-edge of technology and always adapting to social changes.

Our linguistic project is totally unique in the Balearic Islands. Families can choose the main classroom language and therefore the learning initiation. In Children’s Education from the age of 3, we offer Spanish, Catalan and English, all taught by native teachers. At the end of the Primary Education phase, the children can communicate naturally in all three languages; Spanish, Catalan and English.

On the other hand, and inside our linguistic project, we teach French from 5th grade of Primary Education and German from 1st of ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education) during school time. Our teachers prepare students for the official certificates A1, A2 and B1. These languages can be studied until the 2nd grade of Bachillerato (Secondary Education).

What is the basis of your success in objective tests such as Selectividad (University Entrance Exam) or IAQSE?

Our success lies in the significant volume of school hours we provide and the demanding work pace, both in the Centre as well as at home. On average we have 3 to 5 hours more classes per week compared to other learning centres. Another factor that defines our success is the Centre’s teaching staff. They are all professionals who are devoted to teaching and to their students.

In terms of Vocational Training, what is your goal for the 2017/18 course?
The Training Cycles we currently offer are VT Upper Grade in Primary Education 0-3 years, VT Upper Grade in Medical Imaging and VT Intermediate Grade in Auxiliary Nursing.
In October we finished the construction work on the building Edificio FP Luis Vives in calle Jordi Villalonga i Velasco nº 8 in Palma. These facilities are exclusively destined for Vocational Training and we are starting the activity with Basic Training in Pleasure Boat Maintenance. The next training course we start will be Intermediate Grade Machinery Maintenance and Control.

We are currently immersed in building an academy devoted solely to Vocational Training in the nautical area for the Repair and Maintenance of boats. We believe that the nautical sector in the Balearic Islands requires highly qualified professionals, who are very specialised in specific areas such as boat repairs. We collaborate with companies such as Metalnox, MTM and Astilleros Majoni who provide our students with practical experience. The training will be thorough and students will learn practical techniques such as welding, mechanics, electrics, electronic systems, repairs to rigging and sails.