Unique, different, unrepeatable, unforgettable. That is Asturias. It is a true paradise for emotions, sensations, memories and experience, where you can enjoy pure nature, pioneering and innovative rural tourism, high peaks, more than three hundred kilometres of surprising coastline and unbelievable cliffs, charming seaside towns, very friendly and welcoming cities, a fort, a prehistoric cave…. the list goes on, and as a backdrop there is always the best cooking and the warmest hospitality.

Asturias has everything, and awakens a desire in you to explore it. The arrival of summer marks the perfect time to travel around this natural and colourful paradise which offers a wide range of options for adventure, relaxation and discovery.

If something makes an immediate impact, it is the beauty of the region’s landscape and the power of its nature. Asturias smells of the outdoors, it tastes of cider and above all, it entices you to come and discover its wild environment.

Asturias is a big open-air natural park that is unique worldwide. Not for nothing does it have 6 spaces that have been named Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO. This makes it a privileged region for hiking, running, climbing, mountain biking, or observing the wildlife that is undoubtedly ruled over by the brown bear.

The almost 345 kilometres of coastline and 200 tranquil beaches at the foot of a mountain range crowned by the Peaks of Europe with heights of more than 2500 metres, make Asturias a unique place to cool off in summer and take a dip in the Cantabrian sea. You can also go kayaking, surf or simply enjoy a walk in silence.

Asturias is a gastronomic paradise where ancestral recipes continue to exist and modern creations have also been incorporated. This is the land of 40 cheeses, where cider and the peculiar way of pouring it in a cascade from height known as “el escanciado” has become one of the area’s defining hallmarks.

There is cuisine and endless venues for food, ranging from small local restaurants that uphold tradition, to cider houses, busy premises where cider is poured from height and you can have a bite to eat and make friends. Of course, we must mention the elite cuisine of the 8 legendary restaurants that have the distinction of being awarded Michelin Stars; Casa Marcial -with two stars- El Real Balneario, Casa Gerardo, El Corral del Indiano, Auga, La Salgar, Arbidel and El Retiro de Pancar. There is also the local quality label “Mesas de Asturias – Excelencia gastronímica” (Restaurants of Asturias – Gastronomic Excellence) which has been earned by more than thirty restaurants. The distinction encompasses restaurants and cider houses that are a benchmark in Asturian gastronomy, thanks to their cooking as well as the quality of the produce used.