Ethical EAFI is an Independent Financial Advisor y Company (EAFI) formed by professionals from the financial sector, who are specia- lists in consultancy and asset management. This guarantee of pro- fessionalism is provided under the super vision and control of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) that demands wor- king with the most rigorous standards and always looking after the interests of clients. EAFIs were created with the aim of introducing professional standards for consultancy, separating it from the traditional marke- ting activity of financial products. Unlike private banking, indepen- dent consultancy is an exclusive activity, as there are no links, either share or business related, with the supplying financial body. That is to say, EAFIs are independent, multi-brand and multi-product.

On a European level, EAFIs are officially approved across all of Europe through the European directive MiFID. In developed mar- kets, such as the United Kingdom Germany, the importance of IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) is ver y significant, as more than 70% of assets/savings are assessed by an independent advisor.

The team at ethical EAFI has a long professional background and decided to undertake an independent project, working along- side clients and defending their interests in relation to private or commercial banking. Time has shown that consultancy for complex products (preferential shares, subordinated debt, structured depo- sits, etc.) has eroded the confidence of clients in their financial bo- dies. When clients tr y the ser vice, it is as if Ethical EAFI becomes their loyal and indispensable “family doctor” looking after all of their economic and investment concerns.

The added value of ethical EAFI begins with an integral kno- wledge of our clients (risk profile, investment targets, personal cir- cumstances, equity distribution, needs and expectations, etc.). After that stage, exhaustive analysis work is undertaken in order to cre- ate a personalised financial plan and, and to subsequently carr y out continuous monitoring of assets or savings in order to ensure that outlined targets are met and to anticipate possible deviations.

The staff at ethical EAFI are aware that their clients’ savings are the result of work, effort and dedication, which in turn, requires that they show maximum respect and professional vocation. As Ben- jamin Franklin said “The way to wealth depends fundamentally on two words: work and saving”.

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