Mónica Armani

“You should always have a mirror in your home” Geometric perfection and a “less is more” philosophy characterise Italian architect […]

Saint Sebastian stripped bare

The Legenda Aurea (Golden Legend) is a collection of hagiographies written by Blessed Jacobus de Varagine in the 13th century. […]

The Symphonic Vertex

There are three defining moments in the history of the music of the Balearic Islands of the last half-century that […]

Miró and the island

Mallorca, a place of freedom, creation and retreat for Joan Miró Joan Miró’s relationship with the island of Mallorca started […]

Buenos Aires

Latin America offers a wonderful world to discover – from amazing pre-Colombian ruins and beaches of unimaginable beauty – to […]

Exclusive oases of relaxation

Grupo Zhero offers two select establishments for chilling out on the island next to the beach at Cala Major and in Magaluf.

Flanigan restaurant and catering

With a 30-year history, Flanigan is one of the most iconic restaurants in Puerto Portals. Flanigan restaurant offers traditional Spanish cuisine reminiscent […]

Ola de Mar

With a long track record in the hospitality sector, restaurant Ola de Mar was opened by Guillermo Cabot and his […]