Pleasure for all the senses

In an incredibly pretty corner of Serra de Tramuntana that Frederic Chopin called the most beautiful place in the world, […]

Clara Ingold

“La comedia es bastante parecida al amor”

Queen Elizabeth II Of Great Britain

Mallorca a must-visit destination

Nowadays, there is no doubt that Mallorca is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Throughout the 20th century and […]

Winter cooking in Mallorca

A few days after the official start of winter, even though the temperatures and ambience confuse it with spring or […]

Restaurant Marea

Born under the brilliance and light of the Mediterranean, Marea echoes the non-conformist spirit of top quality product-based cuisine, constantly […]

Dream Scenario

A visit to Rialto Living is a trip to a paradise of good taste in an inspirational setting that occupies […]

Mallorca Shoes

It seemed that the shoemaking profession had been condemned to making repairs and alterations following the rise of mass production […]

Emotions creators

The island is the birthplace for generations of jewellery artisans and designers, creators of unique and unrepeatable emotions. They convey […]

Party Time At The Sea Side

Summer is a time for parties, and these celebrations make it essential to have a quick glance in your wardrobe […]